Dr. N. (Nadia) Ismaïli

Curriculum Vitae

Nadia Ismaïli graduated at the VU Amsterdam in 2010. Between 2011 and 2017 she has worked as a PhD candidate at the department of administrative and constitutional law, section migration law of the VU Amsterdam. The PhD thesis concerns the regulation of the parent-child relationship (custody and access) in family and migration law in the Netherlands, the European Union and the Council of Europe. The thesis aimed to analyze which obligations are imposed on states in order to maintain the family bond in cases of (possible) separations between parents and children, such as after divorce or separation, child protection measures, detention or the non-admission or expulsion of a family member to or from the Netherlands. Since January 2018 she works as an assistant professor for the department of private law of VU Amsterdam. Her main research interests are (international) migration law, family migration, human rights law, Dutch family law, custody and access.


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