New Director A-LAB: Arno Akkermans

On the 22nd of November, the new director of A-LAB prof. mr. Arno Akkermans gave a presentation during the first A-LAB borrel.

12/10/2018 | 12:33 PM

As new director Arno Akkermans gave a preview of the new path A-LAB will be taking under his leadership. Part of this is the renewal of the website with room for the associated research groups and a Newsletter. Furthermore around 4 times a year there will be a research day and a new policy on A-LAB co-financing.

The focus of the financing will be on stimulating interdisciplinairy collaboration between partners of A-LAB. The new policy will take effect in the beginning of 2019. More information will follow through the website, newsletter and the usual channels.

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