The Amsterdam Law and Behaviour institute carries out criminological research. The studies focus on offenses, offenders, victims and the (criminal law) response to crime. All research is multidisciplinary.

The Amsterdam Law and Behaviour institute was founded in 2010. Ten staff members collaborate, with different disciplinary backgrounds: criminology, psychology, education, law, demography, research methods and econometrics. Amsterdam Law and Behaviour is an interfaculty collaborative effort of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Law, Psychology & Education, Social Sciences, and the NWO institute NSCR (Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime & Law Enforcement).

Management Team:
prof. dr. P.H. van der Laan – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / NSCR
prof. dr. mr. M.V. Antokolskaia – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
prof. dr. E.R. Kleemans – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) van Prooijen – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam