The Centre for Climate Change, Corporations and the Law conducts research in the field where Law, Corporations and Climate Change meet. Research in this field has become increasingly relevant due to the broad consensus that climate change forms a direct threat to humanity. While the Law has the purpose of protecting legitimate human interests and businesses play a key role in controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

The courts are seeing more cases related to climate change. Urgenda, a Dutch NGO focused on combating Climate Change, used civil proceedings to force the Dutch government to take action on climate change. While a Peruvian farmer has filed a lawsuit against a German power company, responsible for 0,47% of the global CO2 emission, for the costs he suffered from climate change.

Research conducted by the Centre is multidisciplinary which is reflected in the researchers and collaborations. Some of the research subjects the Centre focuses on are: the enforcement of compliance with international law; the significance of human rights in horizontal relationships; the role of shareholders in a business; appropriate legal forms for what types of commercial activities.